Project Status: On Hold

K’tharis will be a science fiction graphic novel about an alien prince and his journey to become a worthy leader to his fragmented people.

In the far reaches of space there is an alien race that has isolated itself from the rest of the galaxy. They are the Hathari, whose matriarchal empire expands through the entire K’tharis Star Cluster. They are an ancient people, set in their ways and resistant to change. But change comes anyway when the Grand Matriarch, ruler of this mighty race, announces that her grandson, Prince Nerune, is to be her Heir…the first male chosen as Heir-Apparent in Hathari history. His appointment meets strong resistance from the High Council, who establishes conditions he must meet before being confirmed as Heir. Now the Prince must navigate through his people’s rigid social structure and the politics of a society on the verge of civil war in order to gain support for his candidacy. He is given a ship, the Ina Du’mai, and sent to the Outer Colonies, forbidden to return until he either succeeds in his task or rescinds his claim to the throne. It is clear that gaining the support he needs is supposed to be an impossible task, but that challenge is trivial compared to what awaits him in space.