The Hathari homeworld, Ishtara, is an interesting planet in that it has no oceans. Most of the planet is covered in vast plains with sparse water sources that manifest in underground reservoirs and seasonal streams, lakes and rivers. The scarcity of water is a direct cause of the Hathari’s nomadic lifestyle in their early development and a contributing factor in their combative-protective nature despite being a nonpredator species.

Also, as a telepathic species, there is a mental inflection the Hathari make when communicating a name to indicate whether or not it is sentient. Their homeworld is unusual in that it has a name indicative of a living, sentient being. The name comes from ancient times, when the Hathari worshipped the land as their creator and chief deity. In modern times, when the creation myth is no longer taken literally, even Hathari who have never been to the homeworld use deference when mentioning Ishtara, the Fearsome Mother.

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