Second Sight


Second Sight is an ongoing webcomic that explores the relationship between fear and compassion through the experiences of a teenage protagonist amid supernatural creatures that only she can see.

When Keira moves to a new town with what’s left of her divided family, she hopes it will be the fresh start that she so desperately needs. Not that starting over will be easy; her sister thinks there’s something wrong with her, and it’s hard for Keira to deny it when her only friend is a being that nobody else can see. And as she gradually adjusts to her new normal, Keira wonders if her questionable sanity might be the least of her problems.

Family trauma, high school drama, and the paranormal.

This webcomic is a reworking of my college project Fairy*Tales, which ran semi-weekly updates from September 2010 to January 2015. After two and a half chapters with 126 pages, I realized I wasn’t happy with what I had or where it was going. I moved on to other projects, but found myself drawn back time and time again. So I redeveloped the concept and now have Second Sight!