Digital Painting 101

I’ve been researching Photoshop techniques for digital painting this past week because my current process is too slow and clumsy to be effective in a professional setting. The following videos are the best I’ve found introducing basic techniques. And they’re short, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored.

When I first watched these videos, I’ll admit I knew most of what they demonstrated already, but the little tricks and tools I didn’t know have completely changed how I approach digital painting. And for someone who’s not experienced with Photoshop, these will be pure gold.

If you don’t watch any other video, watch the last one. The artist does a painting only using the techniques he shows in the first four parts. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with such a simple process.

Part One: Navigation

Part Two: Brush Basics

Part Three: Mixing Color

Part Four: Layers

Part Five: Putting It All Together

Source: Ctrl+Paint

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